Barack Obama & Michelle Show Off Dance Moves To Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

Can Barack Obama please be President forever?

Can Barack Obama please be President forever?! The man and his beautiful wife Michelle are officially our favorites this Halloween, thanks to a little dance they put on inside the White House to Michael Jackson’s famous ‘Thriller.’

We would literally give up our left leg to be celebrating Halloween with Barack Obama, 55, and Michelle, 52, at this very moment! The White House basically turned into a dance floor, on which the Presidential couple busted a move to Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.” The crowd went absolutely bonkers over their dance moves, and luckily for us, filmed the whole thing for our enjoyment. Michelle looked incredibly confident dancing in front of hundreds of people, while Barack appeared to be a little timid.

On top of their stellar dance moves, Michelle and Barack showed off their epic White House decorations that are seriously giving us the spooks! The First Lady captured everything on her Snapchat, from the creepy statues, to a giant, yellow clock that hung between the White House’s front pillars. Their Halloween bash is the perfect send off, as Barack and Michelle prepare to leave the White House in Nov. after eight years of living there. But who will take their place?

If it were entirely up to Michelle and Barack, Hillary Clinton would be the one to take over — and we couldn’t agree more! Barack has been incredibly open about his support for Hillary, and has even taken a few jabs at Donald Trump, who’s convinced that the election is rigged. Barack did us all a favor by telling Donald to stop “whining” about the election, which prompted hundreds of voters to cheer! With Election Day just around the corner, we hope Hillary emerges as a victor — just imagine how cool her Halloween parties would be.


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