Kris Jenner Rivals Daughter Kylie In Super Sexy ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Costume

Hot mama!

Hot mama! Kris Jenner is showing off where her daughters get their sexy vibes from as a naughty Alice in Wonderland for Halloween 2016. You’ve got the see the cleavage baring video that is giving all of her girls — especially Kim Kardashian — a run for their money!

She’s still got it! Kris Jenner, 60, continues to defy father time in one of her sexiest Halloween costumes ever!  She’s the sexiest Alice in Wonderland that we’ve seen yet, and we got a look at her revealing get-up thanks to daughter Kylie Jenner‘s Snapchat. The 19-year-old showed off a pic of her mom leaning against a wall with a come hither look, because she knows she’s absolutely owning the low-cit, cleavage baring costume!

Her little light blue outfit not only shows off her enviable chest, but her long lean legs thanks to the costume’s frilly miniskirt. The frock is adorned with a giant playing club of all suits that runs down the front of her dress, and in case there was any confusion about who she is supposed to be, she has the White Rabbit in the form of a stuffed animal pinned to her skirt. Several layers of white ruffles at its bottom give it a nice but naughty touch.

Kylie is clearly impressed with her mom’s sexy look, adding an emoji with red hearts for eyes in one pic, and captioning another “I love my mommy.” In a video she says “okay mom,” in slight disbelief as camera flashes are going off around her. Kylie should know about a thing or two about looking hot for Halloween, especially after blowing our minds Oct. 29 when she went out on the town to party dressed as Christina Aguilera from her “Dirrty” days. She matched the singer’s iconic bikini top, boy briefs and black chaps perfectly, along with a blonde wig and black braids that made her a dead ringer for Xtina’s 2002 video look.


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