Ariana Grande Wants To Have Children With Mac Miller: He’s ‘Her Soulmate’

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Ariana Grande is thinking about having babies with Mac Miller! Get the full scoop on the future Ariana hopes to have with her man, right here!

“[Ariana Grande] envisions having children with Mac [Miller] and is convinced all that will happen,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She feels that Mac is her soulmate.” That is unbelievably adorable. We seriously cannot handle the cuteness between the 23-year-old singer and her beau, and finding out she wants to have kids with him is just amazing. Can you imagine a mini-me Ariana and a look-alike Mac running around? OMG, our hearts just melt.

A source previously told EXCLUSIVELY that Ariana and Mac are also thinking about marriage, with her feeling that if she doesn’t marry Mac, any other relationship “would be a bust.” These two must be truly in love to be considering spending the rest of their lives together. Plus having babies! We wonder how many they would have and what their names would be. Would they be musically talented? Of course they would! Ah, this is just too much. We can’t handle the idea of it all!

And although the couple has only been together for a few months, we definitely agree there are “soulmate” vibes going on there. All you need to do is check out their Halloween costumes to see that! On Oct. 31, Ariana and Mac dressed up as Eevee and Pikachu and it was just so perfect! The pair were insanely adorable together in their matching Pokemon costumes and we couldn’t have loved them more. Just think what their family Halloween costumes would look like. Okay, now THAT is an adorable thought.



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